The idea is to Survive

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Whether alone or as a gang,
you will have to fight your way troughthout a post-apocalyptic island

As a good nomad you will try your luck as Mads, going to the greeting of your desires and your adventures. You can also choose to join the rebel forces of the island to lead a life of camp more RP within a group composed of what remains of the national army. Collect items and resources during expeditions in a ruined world where gasoline is the king since life is mainly done by car. Without it, there is no food or water, so be prepared to do anything to get some, chases, robberies and shootings have become your best assets!



Exclusives Skins


New Vehicles


New Level Props


New Weapons


An island full of surprises!

Rich in history, Baïti and its chaotic pace offers you a multitude of activities and places to explore. From its rocky outcrops to its mining network and the various facilities that have been abandoned there, you will not miss any opportunity to try and provide for your needs. However, stay tuned.... Apart from the primordial exchanges, this world is definitely primitive and merciless!

  • Post-apocaltique universe RolePlay & PVP
  • Expeditions Loot & Reshearch
  • Ressources Collect & Exchange
  • Life on the island Solo & Gang/Rebel army
  • Character Clothes & Masks
  • Vehicle Custom & Repair
  • Quests Items & Hidden facilities...
One island, several possibilities...

Choose your side



Nomadic life without pity, you discover at the greeting of your displacements. You will do everything necessary to survive!

On the road

Be prepared to share the roads of the island with the most helpful... but mostly the bloodthirsty!

Define your territory

Appropriate a barrack to make it your gang's HQ, and rule the surrounding area.

Rebel Army

Camp life and military organization, you are part of what do remains of civilization.

RP militairy camp

Find a military roleplay in a post-apocalyptic environment, where surviving is the imperative for the group!

Expeditions & Missions

Whether you are Mads or Rebel, discover the island through missions, quests and expeditions.

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